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Born in Babylon, and shining lights
Disguised the pale and gloom of nights.

Alone I wandered all around
And peace was no where to be found.

Born in Babylon--
It's grandness thrills!

It's wealth makes drunken
And soon it kills!

Where is Babylon, where I was born?
Where Night is loved, God put to scorn?

It's this old world, with all its fears,
It's hollow laughter, its wail and tears!

But wonder!  Oh! such wonder, this!
My soul can know of Heaven's kiss!

Babylon I leave behind!   
My heart is changed to different kind!

Born of Heaven, now I'm free!
Free at last to worship Thee!

Born by Your Spirit from above!
Born by Blood and born of Love!

And I'm so glad He saw me there!
Weak and dying in despair!

Born in Babylon!  Born to die!
Rebellious sinner, and lost was I!

But great salvation Christ does give!
Born of Him!   I'm born to live!

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(c) 1957,,(c) 2011,  Christina Walden Ehn