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Meet David Berkowitz

Meet David Berkowitz

A Short Introduction to David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz was in trouble.  He had gotten mixed up with a devil worshipping cult that wanted to create chaos on the streets of New York City. 
 Before it was over, six people were dead, seven injured for life
David wrote taunting letters to the police, calling himself "The Son of Sam".  The "Son of Sam" manhunt was the biggest in the history of New York City.  
     The devil worshipping cult worshipped the Halloween satanic diety named "Samhain".
     After ten years in prison, David got down on his knees in his lonely prison cell, and called on Jesus to forgive him.  Jesus gave him the new life He has promised to all who will call upon the Name of Jesus in faith and repentance.
     Since then, his testimony of the redemption of the power of Jesus has gone around the world.
     The Lord gave him a new life, and a new name.  He now calls himself the "Son of Hope."
     You don't have to be a thousand miles into hell, murdering strangers for the thrill of it, to need the Savior.  The same Savior that made all things new for David Berkowitz, will make all things new for you, if you are willing to repent from your sins and ask Jesus' forgiveness.

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